Simonton Geometric Window Half RoundSimonton vinyl windows and patio doors are a breeze to clean and are virtually maintenance-free. Vinyl frames and sashes never require painting and also resist pollution, salt spray and dirt. That means keeping them clean and cared for is simple.

Find tips and expert advice for performing routine care to make the most of your investment below.

Window Condensation: How It Happens & How to Reduce It

Under certain conditions, condensation can occur both inside and outside your home. However, windows do not cause condensation.

The source of condensation, or “sweating,” on windows and mirrors inside a home is caused by humidity, or invisible water vapor, present in virtually all air. When this water vapor comes in contact with a surface, which is at a temperature below what is called the “dew point,” the vapor turns to visible droplets of liquid, or condenses, on the cooler surface. This often happens to bathroom mirrors and walls after someone has taken a hot shower. Condensation can also occur on windows during the winter if the inside humidity level is high enough.

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