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There’s no doubt about it – replacement windows and doors give any home a complete transformation. Before you start shopping for new windows and doors pose the following questions to yourself. They will help you to identify which series of windows or which style best suits your needs.

How important are custom styles and options to you?

Simonton windows and doors are completely customizable to any and every home. That means you can choose custom color options for your windows and doors, mix and match hardware options and you can create your own window style combinations. Need inspiration? See our gallery. If a custom fit doesn’t intrigue, we also have a full line of classic and traditional options for quicker installs or replacements.

VantagePointe WindowHow many styles of windows do you currently have in your home? If you are building a new home, how many styles will you have?

Take a walk around your home and make a checklist of the styles of windows you see. Are they all the same size? Do they all open and close in the same manner? What about your basement or kitchen windows? Take note of how many varying styles you have and then shop by Series, here. Our 6500 and 6200 series offer the largest variety of styles, while our 6100 and ClearValue series stick to the basics.

Do you want the interior color of your windows to vary from the exterior?

This is a big question and it will determine which Series your Home Depot installer recommends from the Simonton line. If your windows are currently the same color on both the exterior and interior, now that you are replacing them you have a chance to change that! Imagine a classic white vinyl exterior, for example, paired with a vinyl wood-grain on the interior. The vinyl wood-grain would completely transform the feel of your home’s interior. That’s just one example of many color combinations available in the Simonton line. When you schedule your in-home consultation, ask about color combination options.

Are there opportunities to install a new style of window into an existing space?

You may be replacing your windows, but that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade the experience. For example, a wall that has always housed a row of double hung windows may be ready for an upgrade to a bay or bow. Or, if you have always had single or double hung windows, would it be possible to switch to casement windows? There are pros and cons to each style and it is always worth asking what your options are. Be sure to do so during your in-home consultation.

What cost savings do you stand to gain from energy efficient windows and doors?

ENERGY_STAREnergy efficient windows will dramatically reduce your utility costs and also reduce your home’s carbon footprint. Fortunately, all Simonton windows are energy efficient and ENERGY STAR certified. In fact, according to, replacing old windows with ENERGY STAR certified windows lowers household energy bills by an average of 12 percent. Lower energy consumption also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, therefore benefiting the greater good.

Still unsure where you stand or where to start?

Take our Simonton quiz and find out which series and style of windows are right for you.

At the end of the day, your new windows and doors are a substantial investment into redefining your home, so take the time to choose the custom option that best fits your needs and your personal style. With Simonton there is no need to compromise either. Start today with your free in-home consultation through the Home Depot. Schedule yours here.

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